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Target 2021

Do you want to become civil services topper, become that 1% who can crack civil services prelims but struggle with the uncertainty of not knowing your level of Preparation?

You started your Preparation with big dreams and aspirations

you thought you'll clear prelims easily but then

you are struggling to understand, where am I? Am I doing the right thing?

well, you are not alone.

Many struggles like you and

some even wonder and pray for - if there is any possibility that they can predict their results before in hand

now the question is - Is UPSC tough nut to crack?

No. UPSC is not that difficult to crack.


It has become more critical to understand your peer/friends/competition than ever before all the aspirants are working hard to succeed

everybody is struggling to better their chances... then you might wonder.....

if everybody is working hard then why isn't everybody clearing Prelims? you may have skills

you probably have the right attitude

or have the right mindset

or you have a great reason to become an IAS/ IPS or your will power is strong to become one

you have all it takes to be one

you have worked very hard and put many hours of preparation so does the 100 thousand out there.

And that's the problem.

Because when the beast is chasing you and other people, you need not be the fastest runner in the world, you have to be better than the other person.

UPSC is a tiger that's chasing you and your competitors, if you are in the last row it eats up a year of your life. you have to be better than the person running beside you that's it!

It's the time to turn odds in your favor.

it's time to stop cursing your fate for failing. it's time to take our decisions consciously more than ever it's important to know whether to give this attempt or not

to know where you are compared to the competition Know your weak areas

to know the recipe to clear prelims( everybody is not master in all subjects)

because time is Precious and limited attempts to waste

Today, its entirely different

competition is raising.

people from engineering, IIM and IIT's are competing

at the same time syllabus is not designed for them - everybody has the best chance. you are working very hard.

you might have practiced thousands of questions

and might have put in hundreds of hours in preparation To tame this beast called UPSC

you need more than that

you need to have the reports in hand to understand the level of preparation, need to know your Strong and weak areas

you need to understand if y0u have balance or not

all this has to be personalized for your performance- for you to Crack IAS and you need personalized reports

all this has to be pegged with your competitors.

You need to understand. And know how to use the different strengths of yours to your advantage.

Thats how you can better yourself day by day - that is how any test you write should help you without such personalized information in hand -

Thats why you are struggling.

because you don't know the competition you are facing

It has evolved a lot.

And its time for you to do the same. Evolve!

You cannot remain as someone who depends on new tactics now and then to survive

Because it wont work

You cant survive

To avoid that

You need to become impeccable.

You need to become a Strong contender to become IAS/IPS.

And to help you become one

We offer you the best ever

AI-enabled Civil services Prelims Test series-coupled with years of experience

come on Join the Test series where thousands are writing - understand the competition

The bundle thatll make you better prepared for everything you are expecting from yourself.

the test series that will make you impeccable!

So how do we conduct the tests
This test series is useful and can help both Novice into Preparation as well as those who have given attempts earlier.

Our objective is to make the student ready for the prelims 2021.

Tests under this test series will be Subject - wise and will help you complete both prelims and mains syllabus before February 2021

This test series has 50 Full-length Tests and 49 Slip tests Starting From June

Out of 50 Tests, 38 tests are subject-wise and full length (100 Questions).

There are 12 Full-Length tests to give you an extra edge over others.

The 49 Slip test - These tests are confidence-building tests which are conducted on every Wednesday will have (50 Questions)

with the help of Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, we will help you with personalized reports to make you understand your level of preparation.